Can We Work Together to Get Rid of Republicans?


Taking over from Republicans should be a slam dunk. There are more than enough people who agree that ANYTHING BUT THEM is better than what we have. Right?

I am worried that the same thing is going to happen again that helped Trump and so many Republicans win.

The left remains fragmented and Republicans stay in power. We get more Trump or Pence and keep moving backwards.

Democrats have always had more in common with progressives (far left) and have even adopted many platforms.

We agree on a lot of things and especially on the most important things.

This “corporate” shit I keep hearing about Democrats is out of the Steve Bannon book.

Look at who is in power now? As if Hillary would be doing all this pro corporate shit that we keep seeing now. No way.

But a lot of “progressive” Bernie or busters are still out there hating on Democrats and still have a hard on for Hillary and even Cory Booker now???

He is too “corporate”???

People who think that need to go check out Breitbart and hang with Bannon.

If people can’t accept that Democrats have the most in common with progressives and Bernie supporters, and that we are on the same side against Republicans, they are just going to hurt us and fragment us again.

I don’t see why we can’t all agree the number one priority is voting out Republicans.

We don’t need to cry and complain about Hillary or how the DNC screwed Bernie. We just need to focus on winning.

We shouldn’t be arguing – we agree on a lot – but I can’t accept when people are intent to fragment us and make us lose again. People thinking they are doing some good deed voting against “corporatists” when in the end, we just get screwed by helping Republicans stay in power.

It’s time to work together and start winning back what they have taken away from us.

Why argue among ourselves when we have so much in common. If people can’t help us win things back and would rather insist on voting independent or third party even when those cnadidates have no chance of winning, they are only hurting us and are not truly on the same side.

We need to put aside some of our differences and work together to get Republicans out.

So before you demand that only your perfect candidate gets your vote – consider what you are voting for.

Anything but them.


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