VIDEO: Shocking Racist Behavior From Bikini Clad Chump Skank


WARNING: This video is shocking and vile.

Racism and bigotry gone wild.

Sound like another Donald Trump Rally?

Like or or not the radical right wingers that support Trump are more likely to be extreme hardcore racists than liberals supporting Hillary.

Sorry. Truth. 

Shocking Racist Behavior From Bikini Clad Chump Skank

Of course you don’t have to be Republican to be racist – but it certainly does help.

This video documents the hate and bigotry which took place on a residential street in Tallahassee, Florida. It is disgusting.

If you dare watch this video please tell me if this SKANK is more likely to be REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT?

If you’re a good decent person you will watch this and feel terrible for the people recording this who are getting insulted.

If you’re mad at me – you most likely support Trump.

If you watch this disgusting video and are angry that we’re portraying Trump supporters as racist, instead of feeling bad for the people getting bombarded with this hate speech by that ugly bikini skank – well – it’s very likely you are a Trump supporter and voting Republican.

Like it or not – right wing wackos are more likely to be racist than feel good liberals.

I forgot who said this but I thought it was very clever – when asked if racism was in fact worse now than ever before – he responded by saying NO – IT’S BETTER but NOW there are more people recording shit.

SO TRUE! It’s NOT as bad as the 60’s or even 90’s but as this video shows – people are out there that are filled with hate.

I’m not saying YOU ARE that person.

But we all know people that do and say racist things.

I know some people that consistently say stupid racist things and I can tell you they are NOT Democrats. They are Republicans. Die hard Republicans.

Hey – if you feel you are NOT RACIST – that’s cool – I believe you – but don’t let that cloud your judgement and pretend that there are not a LOT OF RACISTS supporting Trump.

It’s a fact that Trump has attracted a lot of racist and bigoted supporters.

There is a lot of hate out there and it’s gravitating towards Mr. Chump

Do I have this right? Tell me what you think!



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