Video: The Truth About The American Dream


As George Carlin says “The American Dream… you have to be asleep to believe it.”

george carlin - the truth about the american dream

Can you imagine what George Carlin would be saying about Donald Trump if he were around??? That’d be fun to experience!

But if you think about it – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and Donald Trump’s appeal to uneducated people fit in perfectly with what George is warning us about.

The RICH are mainly looking out for themselves. NOT ALL OF AMERICA!

Lucky for us we have this brilliant video by George talking about the rich trying to screw the every man. It sounds like it could be about POLITICS TODAY! It sounds like it could be an Occupy battle call.

It SOUNDS like George Carlin is talking about Trump and the Republicans.

“They don’t want well informed well educated people. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interest.”

“They want obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork.”

Does this sound like Donald Trump’s America? Does this sound like a Republican America?

Please keep in mind that it is MAINLY the REPUBLICANS who want to pad the pockets of the WEALTHY with even more and it is DEMOCRATS who want to educate and help people.

Sure – it may be easy to say ALL POLITICIANS are CROOKS or ALL OF THEM LIE. But that’s just not looking out for our best interest.

Some politicians are worse. Some like Trump are more crooked and lie constantly.

He wants to give huge tax breaks to the rich and make it easier for them to make money at the expense of the every man.

The things Trump and Republicans say they want are not going to move us forward, but instead hold us back. We’ve been making progress!

ELECTING REPUBLICANS will set us back.


REPUBLICANS want to GIVE TAX BREAKS TO THE RICH and DEMOCRATS want to help educate ALL AMERICANS with free college.

REPUBLICANS CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN – not about the middle class or the poor.

They want to keep down the poorly educated.

As George Carlin says “They don’t care about you.”

Never Republican

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