Video: Trump Wants To Play Golf For Presidency


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Stupid Things Donald Trump Has Said – Trump Rally 8-3-16

“I should play Obama for the Presidency. I’ll do it. Then I’d be assured of winning.”

If you want to look inside Trump’s brain you will surely find a black hole. But you have to admit he says same pretty funny crazy shit.

It has been said by many folks observing his bizarre improv performances that he has no filter. He just says what comes to mind.

I believe that to be true and feel we can see what Trump is really thinking if we analyze some of those strange bits he spews out.

In this video clip we see Donald riffing at a rally where he drifts from talking about his golf course in Scotland to his being a good golfer.

Then it dawns on him how he could win the election after all.

Stupid Things Trump Said - Play Golf for Presidency NR

He then lets us in on what he secretly is wishing for… an easier path to the presidency.

Just another wonderfully stupid thing said by Donald Trump that delights his supporters and baffles all others.

But if you think about it – what Trump is really saying is that it’s getting pretty tough out there for a pimp, I mean rich old white guy.

Never Republican! The party of NO is also the party of hate, lies and bigotry.

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