Video: Sarah Silverman Full Speech DNC 2016


Sarah Silverman Bernie or Bust People DNC 2016

Have you seen Sarah Silverman’s speech? It was really good! Watch it here!

Now – I have to say as I watched it it felt a bit uncomfortable with the Bernie supporters constantly interrupting with chants and undecernable noise, but despite that Sarah managed to pull out a great speech.

For some reason though when it came time to end the speech her and Al Franken had to STRETCH the time because Paul Simon wasn’t ready.

That was when it got really awkward and hard to watch and when Sarah finally snipped back at the Bernie folks who were noisey and said her famous line “Can I just say – To the Bernie or Bust People – You’re being ridiculous”.

Odd how that turned out to be the take away from her speech. The part when they were stalling.

Oh and Paul Simon – sorry dude – you looked like an a-hole when you got out there and started performing. And Bridge Over Troubled Waters barely sounded like the same song. I never thought much about Paul Simon before, but that attitude was smug and diva like. IT added to the discomfort.

But that aside – we did end up with a “moment” so I guess alls well that ends well… or is it?

Stop the Republicans from ruining our country and help keep America great!

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