Video: Proof Trump Lies About Everything


How can anybody trust Trump when he is constantly lying?

Do you like being played for a fool?

That’s what Donald J Trump does when he denies accusations when there is proof.

I’m not talking little white lies, although he does that a lot too. I am talking full on “I never said that” LIES when there is video showing he DID SAY THAT.

As you can clearly see in this very well made video from Vox (thanks Vox) almost everything that Donald J Trump says is a LIE or mostly FALSE. Watch it.

And then when confronted about what he has said Crooked Donald has the nerve to pretend he didn’t say what we are asking him about.

Trump just flat out denies what he says. He thinks we are fools and that he can say anything he wants or needs to say. He can always deny later. That is a true LIAR.

Trump pretends that PROOF does not exist or is part of a CONSPIRACY against him.

When you look at PROOF such as in this video, it can’t be denied that Trump is constantly lying and playing us for fools.

Trump is among the most evil and dangerous individuals around because he will do and say anything without regard for others.

OK – so you and I know this. A lot of people know this. BUT what about the MILLIONS of people who love and follow Trump?

It doesn’t matter what he says or does. They still worship him through thick and thin. They buy into his conspiracy theories. They think the media is out to get Trump. They think the system is rigged against Trump.

How do you do battle for votes when a HUGE part of the voting population has no desire to be reasonable and informed?

Sometimes I feel like it is hopeless. Then again – we need to stand up for what we believe in and NOT LET BULLIES like Trump get things past us.

When he lies we need to call him on it and NOT GIVE UP until either he gives up or we convert more people to being reasonable.

They want the media to get past stories that expose his lying or hate, but we can’t give in. we need to be just as strong but in favor of the TRUTH!

Crooked Donald Thinks We Are Fools



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