HD Video: Khizr Khan Full Speech and Intro by Hillary Clinton at DNC 2016


“It’s time to stand up and say we are Americans. We will not turn on each other or turn on our principals.” – Hillary Clinton

Army Captain Humayun Khan gave his life for our country. He is a patriot and Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient. His mother and father made a touching speech at DNC 2016 that has touched the hearts of millions of Americans.

I have watched this at least 5 times and it still touches my heart.

The speech by Humayun’s father Khizr Khan is amazing, as is the video introduction by Hillary Clinton.

Is it possible for any American to watch this and not feel love and admiration for this family?

Well – it appears there is one person named Donald Trump who instead of applauding these parents of a brave soldier, made disparaging comments and tried to make himself feel bigger by insulting them.

And to make matters worse Trump and his surrogates keep digging the hole deeper by trying to make Democrats look bad for presenting us with this amazing feel good story and family of true patriots.

A Trump surrogate actually offered that as a job creator Donald Trump made sacrifices with 2 failed marriages.

That’s crazy. How can anyone consider that as a sacrifice for our great country? Normal people do not. But Trump and surrogates are not normal people.

In a Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell exclusive, he interviews Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who told the story of their son – a fallen Muslim U.S. soldier.

Did you like Khizr Khans Speech DNC 2016



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