Video: Evil Lying Liberal Media is Twisting Trump’s Words


Blame it on the lying liberal mainstream media… instead of blaming Trump for saying stupid stuff.

The extreme radical right wing and Trump surrogates are saying that the media and liberals are evil and intentionally twisting Trump’s stupid statement about the second amendment when he egged on supporters to take matters into their own hands because it’s the only thing that can be done.

First off Democrats and Hillary DO NOT WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS (we have them too).

Hillary does NOT want to ABOLISH THE SECOND AMENDMENT as Trump says. That is a lie.

Stop lying about Democrats “reversing the second amendment”. That’s a lie.

Did you actually hear what Trump said?

He said “Hillary wants to abolish, essentially, abolish the second amendment.”

I know what I heard when Trump called on supporters to go get Hillary or she would take away their guns and appoint judges who would get rid of the second amendment.

Trump is trying to scare people and he just makes stuff up.

And most reasonable people who heard Trump speak do not need anyone to explain what Trump said or meant. We heard it with our own educated and open minded ears.

I can think on my own without the media telling me what I heard, so don’t blame Trump’s gaff on the Left Wing Devils and Democrats trying to twist Trump’s words.

Dear Pat Robertson – Rudy Guilliani and other Trump surrogates: There is VIDEO so you can’t change what he said or pretend that what I heard didn’t happen.

Pat Robertson of the 700 Club whines about the media taking his words and twisting them.

He sympathizes with Trump.

He thinks there is a whole team of people looking at every word Trump speaks and trying to take them out of context and make him look silly.



“Every time they are going to twist your words.” – Pat Robertson

NO. Just tell Trump to stop saying stupid things.

Sorry but most people are not idiots and do not need explanations when Trump says stupid things. We hear them for what they are. Stupid hate filled attempts to scare people with lies and false claims.

You’d think a religious guy like robertson would see TRUMP as the devil but NO it’s the LIBERAL MEDIA who are devils.

Pat Robertson - Trump Has My Sympathy

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