Trump VP Pence Humiliated in First Public Interview


Trump running mate Mike Pence was humiliated by Donald Trump in their first interview together.

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Did you see the interview on 60 Minutes where Trump steam rolled all over his newly announced by tweet VP pick Mike Pense? It was brutal!

If there was any question to how well they would be working together and what role Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, was to have in a Trump administration, those questions have been answered with the submissive Pence showing weakness by kissing up to his boss even more than expected in that crucial first public interview together.

At the expense of humiliating Mike Pense, Donald J Trump dominated their first public interview together and basically does all of the talking, even when Pence was asked questions by the 60 Minutes host.

Geez Donald let the guy talk!

The duo appeared together publicly for the first time on 60 Minutes after the botched VP pick announcement, which ended up being tweeted out on Twitter after Donald cancelled the formal announcement.

Many have been talking about the botched roll out of Trump’s Vice President pick Mike Pense. This 60 Minutes interview, while revealing, was an absolute fail when it comes to showcasing Trump’s new VP Pick.

What do you think of the interview?


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