More Mean Tweets From The Donald


Ummm… I respectfully disagree with Mr. Trump and his latest mean tweet where he goes after Obama.

Trump tweeted “President Obama thinks the nation is not as divided as people think. He is living in the world of make believe.”

Yes – a world in which progress is being made but Republicans refuse to see it.

Trump is the one living in a bubble along with his fellow republicans who just don’t want to accept the truth.

They want to scare people into thinking we are worse off than we really are. Trump and his fellow Republicans want to blame Obama for everything – even things that simply are not true.


While it is true that Obama is looking at things from a more positive angle, it’s sad that Trump and Republicans have to focus on fear and scaring the American public into believing everything has gone to crap.

The fact is things are not as bad as they were and are getting better.

How about focusing on facts instead of making stuff up.

According to

Homicides have dropped 13 percent, but gun sales have surged.

The economy has added more than 9 million jobs, and the jobless rate has dropped to below the historical median.

The number of long-term unemployed Americans has dropped by 614,000 under Obama, but it is still 761,000 higher than at the start of the Great Recession.

Corporate profits are up 166 percent; real weekly wages are up 3.4 percent.

There are 15 million fewer people who lack health insurance.

Wind and solar power have nearly tripled, and now account for more than 5 percent of U.S. electricity.

The federal debt has more than doubled — rising 116 percent — and big annual deficits have continued.


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