The Right Wing Diversion Tactic Was Exposed Again


Why Don’t Slimy Republican Politicians Answer The Questions They Are Asked?

Republican Governor Mary Fallon

It is disgusting how often journalists and TV personalities conduct interviews with Republicans and let them answer with something completely different than the question that was asked. Sometimes they even let them go on for what seems forever letting them talk about something completely different.

Politicians who use this right wing diversion tactic are deceptive and dishonest.

Sure, I know that Republicans are not the only ones guilty of not answering questions, but it seems to me the radical right wing politicians are far more bold and blatantly obvious when they answer questions with their versions of the extreme right’s Republican talking points of the day, instead of answering what was asked of them.

For crissake answer the bloody question!

Take for example the interview by CNN’s Jake Tapper with Republican Governor Mary Fallin (she is supposedly being considered as Trump’s Vice President pick – personally I prefer Jimmy Kimmel for VP – not Fallin).

When I saw the blow hard Fallin answer the questions with no regards to what was being asked, and instead she went off into her blabbering prepared Republican talking points, I started to boil. This happens too often.

Tapper asked Republican Governor Fallin if she agreed with Newt Gingrich’s statement that “it is more dangerous to be black in America”?

Gingrich Blacks Have It Harder

She dodged the question rambling off into the dangers that policemen face and other non-related crap.

Fallin avoided the question in the same spirit that Republicans often do when they say stupid stuff like “All lives matter, not just black lives matter.”

Yes Republicans – we know – all lives matter. But Black Lives Matter.

Give me a break.

Republicans get away with question dodging and also fact dodging all the time.

We let the extreme right get away saying what they want to say, instead of our demanding they answer our actual questions.

I am a bit mad at Jake Tapper because it was so obvious Fallin didn’t even listen to the question and instead launched into her radical right wing talking points.

Tapper did not hold her accountable and did not even let her know she didn’t even come close to answering his question.

She did this a few times and finally Jake confronted her and said something like with all due respect you did not answer my question.

OK – points for Jake on that one, but he should have challenged Fallin immediately before she used her time in front of a national audience to blather off the radical right wing talking points and agenda.

Link: Full Interview by Jake Tapper with Governor Mary Fallin (watch if you can put up with the slow loading page filled with ad garbage. Geez some sites are really bad experiences. Shame on you CNN.)

Is it just me? Do you see this happening? 

I am so sick of the news media (ALL) letting these politicians get away with NOT answering questions. All they do is give them free air time and let them say what they want.

Why bother conducting a so called interview and asking questions pretending a journalistic endeavor is going on, when the interviewer knows they are just going to let them say what they want?

I guess some of the interviewers are afraid to challenge their guests.

Some reporters don’t think it’s “their style” or “mission” to take sides or be confrontational.

The majority of interviewers are so afraid of insulting their guests by telling them they did not answer their questions. The wimpy interviewers feel they may lose out on future appearances by these slimy subject changing politicians if they hold them accountable for switching the subject.

None of these reasons are acceptable.

We need to start demanding that tv show hosts, reporters and journalists who have the privilege to ask questions and do interviews call out their guests when they have changed the subject and not answered a question.

Also what about when politicians answer with completely false representations of the truth… How can a so called journalist let politicians slide when questions are being answered with lies and inaccurate facts?


Sure, a lot of these so called journalists, hosts and personalities doing the interviews take pride in being non-biased, so they can be seen as legitimate news broadcasters, but it has gotten out of control with lies being accepted and passed along to the millions of viewers without challenge.

The worst part is that many of the viewers are gullible and believe the talking points and often interpret them as facts. Before you know it false statements are being passed along as the truth because the talking points are unchallenged and are getting so much airtime.

What ever happened to facts?

What ever happened to the goal of getting the truth out rather than just letting politicians, mostly Republicans, pass along their versions of the truth without challenge.

This kind of irresponsible journalism has allowed monsters to be created.

One of the biggest offenders that journalists let get away with bending the truth and lying is Donald J Trump.

Not only can the guy barely stay on topic as he drifts away into talking points, but Trump plain lies and gets away without challenge.

Is Donald J Trump a LIAR?

According to Politifact statements made by Doanld J Trump are mostly false.

76% of what Trump says is false

Let me ask you, how often you have seen a journalist doing an interview, challenge Mr. Trump about a statement being untrue?

Not often.

It’s time we Americans hold politicians and especially the lying radical right wing Republicans accountable and stop them from dodging questions and answering with their own agenda, as well as challenge them when what they say is not based on fact and known to be untrue.

We need to be a part of the solution to this problem.

Isn’t it time we start having some balls and stand up to the radical right wing republicans and tell them we know they are lying and being deceptive?

We need to let news anchors and TV personalities know that we want them to hold their interview subjects accountable for what that say. Right?

What do you think?

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