Either You Are With Us or…


Either you are with us or against us!


No more of this namby pamby 3rd party bull. We need to start winning.

If you agree you should be in the FU TRUMP GROUP on Facebook.

Unfortunately, some of our progressive friends are still a little mixed up and do not have any regrets for voting for Jill Stein or other 3rd party candidates.

Notice how I said “friends”. We are friends, right?

Some progressive liberals wrongly think that a lot of Democrats are against them.

Democrats are not against you or the progressives…. but the Republicans most certainly are.

Republicans ARE the enemy of the left.

Democrats are progressives.

If you read the above meme and you read the comments on the FU Trump Group thread where this is discussed you will see that we – almost all of us – are pissed that Crooked Donald won by such a slim margin of votes.

> Check out the thread on FU TRUMP HERE <

People that voted 3rd party or didn’t vote let us down.

They drank the Kool Aid and believed the Russian trolls ie “HIllary is a murderer” and “they’re all the same” blah blah…

If you still think voting for Jill Stein or not voting was a good thing, you are part of the reason that Trump and Republicans won and are not helping our cause.

Right now we need to go ALL IN for Democrats.

Democrats are progressive.

Republicans just do shit like they are doing now and unless we get them all out they’ll dig us further into the hole we are in.

Were there some issues or policies that Hillary supported that you didn’t like? Is Donald Trump doing better on the things you care about?

Are Republicans and Trump making you happy with what they are doing to the environment, climate change, pollution and de-regulating?

Are you happy Trump is destroying everything Obama did just because he hates Democrats so much?

Are you glad Republicans and Trump are giving handouts to corporations and the top 1% while cutting what the middle class and poor people are getting?

A lot of people are MAD about what is going on right now in our government and it isn’t the Democrats and our policies they are mad at.

Democrats are on your side. Republicans are not.

If you as a “progressive” or 3rd party voter can allow us Democrats to feel the way we do and aren’t going to be angry and mad at us for thinking your votes were wasted, you can stay with us and help our cause.

If you still think both parties, Republicans and Democrats are equallybad and that they’re all “thieves” you need to get out of our space. You’re not helping us. You’re hurting us.

Are you with us? Join FU Trump if you haven’t already. We’re a cool bunch of Democrats who want to kick ass this next election and take away as much as we can from Republicans!


Stop the Republicans from ruining our country and help keep America great!

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