The Media Is Rigged with Fake News From Trump


Boy – talk about FAKE NEWS – how about all the lies from Crooked Donald?


So now they are using the “fake news” story to make the press seem like the enemy when in reality is our president who is twitsing wirds, misleading people and outright telling lies.

Yes – Trump is a LIAR. He is lying.

More people need to stand up and say it.

His supporters though believe the garbage he says.

They believe him when he says Obama had more debt in his first month than Trump as if the playing field was even when each started.

Obama inherited an economy that was in deep trouble. Trump on the other hand inherited Obama’s up trending economy.

So next time you hear Trump say something false and misleading YELL FAKE NEWS.

And if you are a writer or reporter do not let him slide. Tell it like it is. He lies.

Wanna talk about it? The best place to dump on Trump and Republicans is the FU Trump group on Facebook. The FU Trump group is a wild no holds barred group of like minded Democrats! Check it out.


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