Khan Story: Disgusting Trump Surrogate Defends Trump sacrifice of Creating Jobs


This just keeps getting better and better! Trump digs a deeper hole for himself in regards to fighting with the Khan Family.

Can you believe what the Trump surrogate said???

Trump’s sacrifice as a job creator cost him 2 marriages?

OK – that’s a good sacrifice. Trade up your wife a sacrifice – PRICELESS!

The only thing they did get right – IT IS about demonizing a candidate.

A candidate named Trump that is being exposed as an evil lying crooked demon with a thin skin that has to WIN at all costs for every little thing even when up against a family of a war hero that has made a true sacrifice.

Sorry but what Trump thinks are sacrifices are a joke. And 2 failed marriages are not because he sacrificed for his country. It’s because he wanted to trade up for newer more attractive wives.

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Why couldn’t Trump and surrogates just thank the Khans and leave it at that?

Because thin skinned Donald must have the last word to defend his superiority.

That is NOT a good person to have as president.

CNN Trump Surrogate Defends Sacrifices - Never Republican

Never Republican! The party of NO is also the party of hate, lies and bigotry.

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