Keeping an Eye on The Radical Right Wing


If you want to get an idea of what is inside Republicans heads, then you simply need to look at the videos on the site of the Radical Right Wing Fox personality Bill O’Reilly

billoreilly com videos

Boy – they really know their audience!

I know it’s painful to check up on the extreme right, but we need to see what the other side is doing.

Look at the titles of the videos.

President Obama befuddled by cop-killer’s motives.

CBS News anchor defends Black Lives Matter.

Hillary Clinton plans to lecture white people.

CNN’s Don Lemon’s anti-cop rant.

NYC grade school teaches white kids they’re born racists.

Fawning Chris Matthews gushes over Bill Clinton.

And on and on…

Radical Republicans gleefully point out as bad what we Democrats see as positive. They see life completely differently. They hear something different.

Unfortunately a lot of people are sheep and buy in to the radical right wing slams.

As Democrats we need to make sure we stay on top of the hate and bigotry they are passing off and we keep reminding people of how awful they are.

The radical right wing republicans they appeal to love this stuff – but it’s extreme garbage most sane people would recognize as hateful and illogical.

We need to call it like it is. Crooked Donald. Racist O’Reilly. Bigoted Republicans and so on.

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Never Republican! The party of NO is also the party of hate, lies and bigotry.

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