James Comey and The Orange Stain


I am conflicted about what to think about James Comey (aka FBI Blowme). 👿 👿 👿 👿

Are you? 👿 👿 👿 👿

FBI Blowme (James Comey)

On the one hand he is going after Crooked Donald hard, and I can appreciate that. He seems truthful and sincere and so what that he is playing gutter ball. That’s what the right wing always does. 👿

Screw credibility. As if that would earn him any allegiance from the right wing fukkwads complaining like snowflakes. I am not about to join them and bash FBI Blowme like they are in a frenzy to do. 👿

On the other hand James Comey doesn’t seem to have any regrets about what he did to the election with the choices he made. He can’t seem to acknowledge that he made any mistakes and admit that he is at least partially responsible for Hillary Clinton losing votes. 👿

So I am not able to jump in with Comey like some are doing and I can’t diss him like some are doing. It’s a nuanced situation and while I appreciate all his efforts to “tell it like it is” about Trump, I just can’t forgive and forget how he acted so partisan and helped blow up the election.

 Thoughts? 👿

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