Harvey Weinstein is a well documented asshole.


Harvey Weinstein is a well documented asshole.

Harvey was only famous because he ran the movie studios and had lots of money he could throw all over the place.

Sound familiar? Sounds like Mr. Pussy Grabber, right?

Otherwise people could give a shit about him. If he didn’t have money to throw around he would have been a nobody.

He certainly isn’t anything special to the Democrats other than he was showing up to all the events and contributing to causes we cared about.

And until the past week or so NOBODY was talking out loud about Harvey being a jerk to women. Whispers maybe.

And as for giving back the money he donated – Charities and Dems didn’t take the money because he was or is or might be a sexual predator like Crooked Donald – and now that we know Harvey is a letch and his accusations have become public discussions, Dems should be able to do whatever the fuck dems want or not want.

Give the money back, Or not. Harvey is the letch. Not us.

I don’t think one single person is saying he didn’t do anything wrong.

Me – I juz wanna have some fun poking fun at Harvey as well as the hypocrites who are “offended” and now obsessed with him being public enemy #1.

Yes. Women should not be disrespected like that. Agreed.

Go ahead and make Harvey feel bad or bring him to justice but don’t try to pin that shit on us. We didn’t do anything. He did and we’re not sticking up for him unlike Republicans who stuck up for Crooked Donald even after hearing him say he liked to grab pussy and take married women furniture shopping while hoping to get laid.

Republicans just want another George Soros or other buzzword dirty dem name they can use on Fox News to make us look and feel bad.

Don’t let them have it.

Fuck them. Fuck Harvey. Don’t fuck with us.

Stop the Republicans from ruining our country and help keep America great!

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