Donald Trump’s Pivot is Just Another Con Job


More phony baloney from Trump!

Trump won a big slice of the right wing pie in the Republican primaries, but now that he is up against Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, he needs more than just a large percentage of the radical right to vote for him if he wants to be president.

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Trump won the Republican nomination because he had the support of the most radical and extreme part of the right wing, along with a large number of mainstream conservatives, and a handful of regular folks who just liked his style and brash message.

Since the Democratic Convention and the significant upswing in polls showing growing support for Hillary Clinton, we have seen Trump struggle. They call it a rigged election and blame the media, but the truth is that his message was FRINGE and not necessarily “mainstream”.

While his tactics may be from the Breitbart school of fake news, birthering and baiting, his new approach may be effective on radical Republicans but the diverse general population of the USA is not as open to that kind of slander and twisting of the truth as is the far right.

I mean come on – Breitbart news was at the forefront of the Trump birther movement slandering Obama as not being a legitimate president born in the USA.

Of course facts never changed the birther con job and don’t expect facts to change Trump – especially now that he has embraced the Breitbart way.

It’s been hard for the Donald as he drops in the polls, but he is making changes and it doesn’t seem to be an easy thing for him.

H hired new people to run his campaign. He reads speeches from a teleprompter. He is more careful about tweeting and spends more time of Facebook. He keeps his rambling comments under control to a greater degree. He is pivoting.

Trump is trying to change to win the general election. He is toning down his extreme rhetoric and trying to be more presidential.

This change is difficult for Trump as he adjusts to reading from a teleprompter, and staying more on script, which by the way he loudly criticized other candidates for very loudly.

Is it OK for Trump to change who he is to win an election? Is it OK to pivot to reach a wider audience and fool more people? Isn’t that dishonest?

When you think about it – the fact that we expect and ALLOW a “pivot” with a shift in policies after the primaries, is admitting we don’t believe everything that a candidate has been saying all along.

I never liked when a candidate started moving to the center from the far right. It always seemed fake to me.

A Muslim ban, building a wall to keep out rapists and criminals coming into the USA from Mexico and other Trump calling cards are all being toned done.

I suggest that we do NOT forget the REAL DONALD TRUMP who won the primaries. He is an evil, hateful and crooked con artist.

We need to keep reminding ourselves of the things he has said and the life he has led. We also need to pay close attention to what he says now because within those well planned out speeches handed to him that he reads on the teleprompter we will find Trump making divisive, hateful and deceptive claims and statements.

When Crooked Donald lies or slanders someone, we need to call it out.

Trump may PIVOT but do not forget about the real Crooked Donald!

If Trump wants to win the election, he can’t get away with just “being himself”. So as he is pivoting on issues and softening up his delivery keep in mind he is still that irrational man that has thin skin and gets upset and obnoxious at a moments notice.


Don’t forget who the REAL DONALD J TRUMP is. A crooked con man that hates and divides Americans. — Never Republican

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Never Republican!!!

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