Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.


Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.

What he did at debate #3 is DANGEROUS to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What he said is UN-AMERICAN and borders on TREASON.



You can’t dispute LOSING before the election has ended.

Trump and surrogates do not care about the United States of America.

What Trump said during the debate was disqualifying.

But they are in damage control mode.

And now the Trump surrogates are trying to justify what he said by polluting the discussion with the Al Gore recall talking points.

They do this all the time. Confuse the issue at stake with noise that is not related or even accurate.

No one is saying an election can’t be contested – we are saying that you can’t say during a debate that you MAY NOT ACCEPT THE RESULTS of an election because you think it is rigged against you without evidence there is fraud.

Trump is inciting people to react badly in advance of there being any proof there was a problem.

But of course it’s not about facts. It’s about Trump being angry that he is losing.

HIS EGO is the problem.

He doesn’t like that he looks like an idiot and that his own words are causing a lot of people to not want to vote for him.

Because of what he says at his rallies – yes there are videos – we know what you are saying Donald – we know that you are ginning up your base and making them angry in case you lose.

Face it Donald – a lot of people do not want you to be president.

There isn’t fraud or even a rigged system. It’s our democracy at work weeding out those that are not qualified.

Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.

Never Republican! The party of NO is also the party of hate, lies and bigotry.

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