There Are Two Choices


If you want to be a part of deciding our future – there are only 2 choices.

Only Two Choices Trump or Clinton

It’s pretty clear what we need to do when we accept that there are only 2 candidates for president that have a chance to be elected.

Otherwise why bother voting for a presidential candidate?

Loyalty to your candidate is one thing, but blowing it and letting everything we have built get turned around by not making a choice among the 2 possible candidates just isn’t smart.

And not voting isn’t smart if you care about our future.

We need to decide which party is best for America.

Are the Republicans more likely to make the kind of changes you think are better for our country?

Or do you think the Democrats will do more that is in line with what you want in our future?

It’s not about both of them being BAD CHOICES – which one is a better choice?


Never Republican! The party of NO is also the party of hate, lies and bigotry.

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