Do you care about Russian Trolls?


Does anyone care about the fact that the election was influenced by the organized efforts of Russian trolls?
It makes me really angry to think about it and also realize we’re not really acknowledging that TROLLS are what helped turn the underdog Trump into the president.
People talk it about it now like we didn’t know what was going on. And we barely acknowledge that Trump won because of the trolls. It’s like taboo to whine about losing.
The past day or so Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook finally admitted Russian trolls bought advertising to influence the election in favor of trump.
That’s good, but what about all the activity of trolls spreading hate and lies… Many thousands of them and most likely a million or more fake troll profiles spreading lies and hate right before the election.
That had a huge impact. It was automated and massive.
Me, I have personally been aware of the availability of software BOT FARMS to game Facebook dating back to 2015 or earlier. It has been freely available. It still might be.
One system was available from a Russian software developer where you could buy the bot network software that you would put on a server, plus you could get 1,000’s of “aged FB profiles” really cheap (like a dollar each) if you wanted and the software would carefully start friending people slowly on auto-pilot until you had your 1,000 accounts with 1,000 friends each. People on their user forums routinely bragged about having a million plus friends they could post to on timelines and send messages to.
Most black hatters used the the bots to make money by sending people to click bait sites or selling jewelry, but I suspect this was similar to how the Russian Pro Trump Troll Farms worked.
Instead of promoting products they sent out misinformation which itself went viral.
I don’t know about you, but I am angry about this. We have a president named Crooked Donald because of what happened.
The election was stolen. They should give it back to us.
And only NOW recently have details been discussed about this… the investigations are revealing details and some news coverage is occuriing. Very little though.
Rachel Maddow has been covering the Facebook revelation amd the troll farms this past week, but people are barely paying attention.
I posted articles and video in the group by people just scroll past. They sink like a rock into obscurity.
People don’t seem to care even though it had a very clear impact on the election.
I can see Republicans claiming ignorance and hiding their heads in the sand, but Democrats should be shouting in anger about how we let this happen and at how SLOW the justice system is at working on this.
We have proof the election was tampered with. as Trump himself said the election was rigged.
We’ve known about this even before the election. Heck Samantha Bee went to Russia and interviewed trolls who explained exactly how they did it. This was no secret.
If you asked me – we already have enough information to start trying to over turn the election.
Trump did not win fair and square. Whether he colluded with them is a whole other issue, but it is clear the election was hacked and rigged and Trump would not have won without the disinformation from the organized Russian efforts.

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