Bernie Sanders Supports HIllary Clinton


In case anyone out there has forgotten, our hero Bernie Sanders is voting for Hillary Clinton!

Bernies Supports HIllary Clinton - Never Republican


Some Bernie Supporters have closed minds at the expense of being INFORMED.

Not good if you want to be involved as a part the political debate like Bernie Sanders.

First off let me say I love Bernie Sanders. He is a great politician with many really good ideas.

I still follow him. In fact Bernie was really good on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Bill interviewed him and it was great to see Bernie is still working hard to keep his movement alive.

Unfortunately a lot of his supporters stopped listening to Bernie. They instead are listening to only those that are frantically crying out in despair.

Bernie Sanders is NOT the Presidential Nominee for the Democratic party. Bernie knows it. Almost everyone knows it.

Not Cornell West, Susan Sarandon or a small number of bitter Bernie supporters, but the man behind the movement himself is smart and well informed so that change can be made in this election.

Angry Bernie bots when asked if they watched Hillary Clinton speech at the nomination, the unanimous response is NO. Do not care. She does not speak for me. I don’t have time. I was busy playing Candy Crush or whatever.

Is that really being involved in the political process?

Politics is about listening and being part of a discussion.

Bernie himself is smart enough to know that the fight is not over and the number one priority right now is to get a Democrat, Hillary Clinton elected as president. Not a Republican, namely Donald Trump.

That’s what Bernie says he is focused on.

But try telling that to die hard Bernie supporters.

Some of them just can’t handle the truth. They close their eyes and cover their ears.

Some of them are ignoring reality. Some of them have clung on to Jill Stein and the Green Party.

Sorry – but Jill Stein is not a viable candidate and will not get elected in any scenario in the real world.

Bernie Sanders knows this. Otherwise he would support Jill Stein.

Bernie Sanders supports Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

But even mention Hillary or her speech at the historic DNC 2016 and the slurs and insults and hatred comes out in force.

I can understand being upset your preferred candidate is not the nominee. But if you want to really have an impact and make change sooner than later you need to have people who share some of your values elected.

Jill Stein does not and will not have enough support to even have a chance.

She will only take away votes from a candidate that has more in common with Bernie’s messages and issues and will help get a radical Republican elected.

Try discussing this with a Bernie Bot. It’s not possible. They don’t pay attention to facts and reality.

They don’t listen.

They just shout their gibberish.

In fact that is what Jill Stein does too. Pure gibberish.

Bernie Bro Bots are not only angry they are being irrational and unless they become part of the discussion all they are doing is hurting themselves by pushing their viewpoints out of the election.

What is really sad is that Bernie Sanders himself has NO INFLUENCE over the people in his movement who have chosen not to listen and instead are oblivious to anything except stopping Hillary.

Sure, this is a small numer of people in the scheme of things. But it is a very vocal minority.

And mean spirited supporteers are spewing hatred towards anyone who even tries to bring up the election and discuss the choices. They start calling names.

That is just as bad as Trump. It’s the same as the crap that Republicans are doing by spreading hate and bigotry.

Bernie Bro Bots and Republicans supporting Trump have a LOT in common.

They are ill informed and resist any facts, news and information about the election.

They are working together to hurt Bernie and his common sense approach to continuing his cause to make change.

That is sad. Berine supporters and Trump supporters working together.

Bill Maher is right. America is filled with a lot of stupid people.

Never Republican

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